The RiverRats


The RiverRat Boys:

Supreme Grand Champion RvR Perrin
(6H Niles X AG Egwene)

    Perrin, who was breed here at RiverRats,  is a  rose gray blazed berkshire teddy with pink eyes.  He adores a good cuddle and is very active and intelligent.  He has big shoes to fill as his father was loved by everyone that met him, but so far Perrin is living up to the challenge.  He is incredibly kissy, and gentle, yet active compared to the typical adult boy. 
     Perrin has attended several RMFE shows where he has placed in coat, and markings  as well as several pet classes.  He was also awarded Reserve Best Pet and has aquired the titles of Supreme Grand Champion and Bronze Star.He currently has two litters on the ground.

HMS Armand of RvR
(Gr. Champ. RhR Archie Kennedy of HMS X 6h Patience of HMS)

     Armand is a cinnamon irish.  He was bred by Her Majesty's Ship Rats in Illinois and was a welcomed addition to my rattery and breeding program.  He is a sweet little boy, who is ready to deal out a quick lick before heading off on adventures.
     Armand was bred twice and is the father of Champion RvR Edarra and Champion RvR Kouren.  I have no future breeding plans for him, but he is always ready to come out of  retirement (well he IS male). 

RvR Bashere
(Supreme Gr. Champ. RvR Perrin X Champ. RvR Edarra)
    Bashere is a rose gray blazed berkshire dumbo.  He is the current pride of our rattery.  Finally after generations of careful breeding I have an excellent rose gray!  He is also a conformationaly very nice rat besides having a perfectly wonderful personality.  I have plans to show and breed Bashere once I find the ideal mate for him.

The RiverRat Girls

RvR Akoure  (6H Niles X AG Egwene)
"Akoure" is a rose gray blazed berkshire odd-eye teddy.  She is one of my sweetest girls, as she is very kissy and loves to be petted.  She is also very maternal and takes care of everyone in the cage.  She was bred last fall to HMS Armand and had a beautiful litter.  Akoure is currently retired as I have two of her daughters that I plan on breeding this summer.

Champion RvR Edarra
     Edarra is my little sweetie.  She has been an absoulute darling with wonderful health.  She travels and shows well, is extreamly affectionate, and is quickly becoming a favorite.  She has been a very good mother, RvR Bashere is her son, and I look forward to one more possible litter from her.

RvR Olivia  (BK Caesar X Champion RH Feiona of HMS)
    "Livvy"  is a blue agouti Irish dumbo.  She is the daughter of our beloved Feiona, and I thank HMS for allowing me to breed such a wonderful litter.  Livvy is the most adventurous on of the group, although her cohort in crime, Stella, might disagree.  The two are always finding new ways to climb into or onto whatever they shouldn't be.  But, who can be mad at the sweet little face as she comes running to you with the obvious "Pet me, Pet me" look in her eyes.  Livvy was one of the first rats to win my mothers heart, and remains her darling.

Mistress RvR Stella Luna  (6H Niles X Isabelle of RvR)
    "Stella" is a black hairless.  She is my smart and mischievous one.  She is very trainable and has learned a score of tricks, both taught and untaught.  She is always looking for something to get into, but comes running back as soon as I call her.  She was the mother of a beautiful litter this spring, but I have no future breeding plans for Stella.


RvR Daphne (6H Niles X AG Egwene)
    Daphne is a mid-late fading rose gray berkshire.  She is a sweet little girl who I never intended to keep but managed to weasel her way into our hearts.  She is now the nester and collector of our big girl cage.

RvR Ophelia
(Sup. Gr. Champ.  RvR Perrin X Mistress RvR Stella Luna)
Ophelia is an agouti hooded hairless.  I had originally intended to breed her, but things didn't work out, so she will always be my darling little maiden.  Her personality and attitudes are so much like her mother's that it is sometimes amazing.  Especially since they don't even live in the same cage!

    Lupa of RvR
    Lupa came to us in a moment of dire need when she was purchased to foster a litter.  She tried her hardest, but unfortunately she was just too small to support her own litter and the new one.  Lupa will remain here at RiverRats for the rest of her life where she is my perpetual cage mother.


RvR Karou
(RvR Avicus X Champ. RvR Kouren)
    Karou is my new little darling.  She is a platinum blazed berkshire dumbo with a sweet personality.  I look forward to watching her grow up.

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