Suggested Links

Ratteries and Breeders

 The Rodentry of Sixth Happiness   A breeder located in IL.  Several kinds of rodents including rats, mice, chinchillas, and cavies  in various types.

 Aristo Rats   Located in the Chicago, IL area.  Solid dumbos, excellent quality and temperaments.

 Amphigorey Rodentry   Located in Florida.  Works with mink based colors in dumbo and teddy, some sphinx and blue.  Also breeds mice.

Clubs, Organizations, and Resources
 Rat and Mouse Fanciers for Excellence   Wonderful club!  Lots of great people, and useful information.  Find a chapter near you!

 Rodent Fancy Community   A great place to meet rodent people.  Post adds in the Village Green, or talk about pet rodents and breeding.

International Rodent Fancy Directory   Find a breeder, rescuer, or club near you.

 PetRat.CA   Lots of  rat related links.

Rodent Supplies
 Martin Cages   Great cages for a great price.

 Fern Cages   Specialize in rodent and small animal cages.

 Harlan Teklad  Rodent diets and bedding products.

 Pet Nouveau   Gifts for the fancier and their pet.

 Handmade With Love   Rattie tents, hammocks, and toys.

Fun Stuff

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