There was once at rat...

    ...and she lived in a large aquarium at the back of a pet store.  Life wasn't going so well for this young rattling, and death by reptile seemed imminent.  Suddenly she was plucked up by her tail and shoved in a little cardboard box.  "How undignified!" she thought.  So this was it, this was how it was going to end.  Three months old and about to meet her fate.  Well this little rattie wasn't going down without a fight, that was for sure.
   Suddenly the box opened, and with a plop, the little rat was deposited into a tank with lots of fluffy bedding.  "This is odd," she thought.  "Where's the snake?"  But all she could see were two human faces staring down at her intently.  "Farley," one said, "I'll call her Farley."
   And that was where it all began.  Farley found herself well loved by Maggie and Cait.  They began surfing the web and found out all kinds of good information.  They discovered that this little orangish/yellow rat with the flecks in her coat was actually called fawn.  They learned not to use pine or cedar bedding, and that Farley needed more space to live in.  They also found out that there were actually clubs for rats, and most importantly that Farley needed a friend.
  Farley's little aquarium went through two upgrades, and finally she moved into a three story ferret cage with a black hooded boy named Bobby.  Farley kicked him around a bit to make sure he knew who was in charge, but soon discovered true friendship.  Bobby moved out shortly before their rittens were born in the winter of 1996, but Farley now had Asling to keep her company, and Bobby had Riff Rat.
   In the summer of 1997, Maggie and Cait went to their first RMCA show in Cincinnati, OH.  There they met some wonderful people and brought home several new ratties.  RiverRats was now born.
    Through careful study, and the help of their new friends, the girls laid out plans for their breeding program.  In the fall of 1997, Farley and her friends were joined by the first official RiverRats litter containing RvR Eammon de Valera, and RvR MacBeth.
  The next few years of Farley's life were good.  Good friends, good food, and a wonderful home.  Sadly in the spring of 1999 Farley crossed The Rainbow Bridge.  She was well loved, and is still missed.  After the death of Farley, with grad school just around the corner, Maggie decided to leave RiverRats in the hands of Cait.

    I continue to breed and show in the original sprit of RiverRats, "The on-going search for the perfect pet!"  Many wonderful rats have been a part of RiverRats Rattery over these past 6 years, and this page is dedicated to all the ratties who have crossed the bridge, to Farley who started it all, and to Maggie, may happiness always guide you.

Cait Bordeau
RiverRats Rattery


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