A little more about RiverRats!

     Here at RiverRats our rats are pets first, and breeding/show animals second.  They are bred with a strong emphasis on health and temperament, making them excellent pets with outstanding dispositions. Rats are trainable, affectionate, and learn to recognize their owners and become quite attached to them.
    Our numbers are kept low so that each rat will receive the individual attention it deserves (I try to keep the number of permanent residents to 14 or less).  Diet, exercise, and housing are all carefully chosen and monitored.  All litters are hand imprinted from birth and have been properly socialized with people and other rats.
      We are located in central Indiana near Indianapolis.   We specialize in mink based colors, in standard and  dumbo type.  For currently available rats, or planned litters please check out our available and upcoming litters page. Let me take you on a little tour of our rattery.

   Our rats are housed in Martin's or simailar cages with lots of toys and activities.  I like to keep individual colonies of up to 6 females or 5 males.  At the moment we have two cages of girls and one of boys.  I feel that the more things that the rats have to do in their cage the happier and healthier they will be.  I have found that this cuts down on aggression among cage mates, as well as promotes activity to help maintain healthy weights.  Toys include tubes, balls, plastic animals, corner pans, wheels, huts, and various hanging toys.  I use tek-fresh bedding which is vary similar to carefresh, however I believe it to be slightly less dusty.  Cages are cleaned approximately once a week, however more often if required.  Mothers with young litters are housed in aquaria or similar cages to reduce drafts.  The mothers are supplied with a hut or house and plenty of nesting materials such as paper towel and shredded paper.

The diet feed here at RiverRats consists of Harlan Tek-lad lab blocks and vegetable which are both feed daily.  A fruit or fruit juice is fed approximately once a week.  Occasional treats include dry cereal, pasta, low salt crackers, and the occasional yogurt drop.  Of course, the good beggars also get a taste of whatever I happen to be eating once in a while..lol.  Pregnant and nursing mothers, and kittens are supplemented with dry and caned Iams kitten food.  Goats milk may also be given in the cases of large litters or small mothers.  And of course, fresh water is available to everyone at all times via water bottles.

Other Care:

Nails are trimmed approximately every two weeks, and ivemectrin is given as a preventative against parasites every three months.  All rats are handled on a daily basis and get to spend 1-3 hours of out time on the playground which is occasionally rearranged to keep things interesting.

If you have any questions regarding the care here at RiverRats please feel free to email me at riverrats_@hotmail.com


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